SMS Enabler Advanced 1.41

Source:Nelson Osacky

Take control of your phone! Text/SMS to turn on wifi, gps, bluetooth...and more!

Change and enable settings using SMS (text) Commands!

You can disable commands.
Allow only one person to control phone
Get battery stats!
Turn on GPS
Turn on Bluetooth
Turn on Wifi
Set ringer to vibrate-normal-mute
Flash LED for one second (default) or as long as you like
Vibrate phone for one second
Get phone orientation
Send response if command was successful

Turning GPS and Bluetooth on does not work in Gingerbread unless you have Cyanogenmod!
GPS and Bluetooth also do not work below android 2.0

Use it with Where's My Droid, Seek Droid to help recover your phone!

If you lost your phone in dark place, just text led on and your phone will shine very brightly allowing you to see where it is!

To turn on the led as long as you want use
For example: Text "led on 5" (without the quotes) to turn on the led for 5 seconds

Last Updated:2011-09-19 02:05:05
File size:29KB
OS:Android 1.5 and up

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